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As part of the statewide initiative to address the challenges associated with a rape kit backlog, the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council has convened a Work Group to address the victim notification process for cases that have been identified due to the testing of SAKs and subsequent suspect identification.

Established by the State Legislature in 1988, the Georgia Crime Victims Compensation Program offers financial support to innocent victims of violent crimes and encourages greater victim participation in the criminal justice process. For more information, please visit:

The backlog of unanalyzed sexual assault forensic exam evidence is often referred to as a DNA backlog or “sexual assault kit backlog” or “rape kit backlog”. Backlog occurs when SAKs are collected but DNA analysis is not requested (unsubmitted SAKs). Backlog also occurs when SAKS are submitted to crime labs, but not tested in a timely manner (untested SAKs).

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A rape kit is a package of materials used to collect samples (evidence) from the victim's or suspect's body by a medical professional, often a forensic medical examiner, such as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). The type of evidence collected depends on what occurred during the assault. The contents of a rape kit vary by jurisdiction, but generally include swabs and collection envelopes for biological materials, debris, and underwear.